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The Silver Tsunami: San Diego Mixed-Use Properties Can Boom for Boomers

Real estate professionals might be surprised to find out which demographic of renters is growing at the highest rate. U.S. Census data by RentCafe shows that over the past decade, the biggest increases in the renting population came from a few different sources: seniors aged 55 and up, renters holding a bachelor degree or higher, and families with no minor children.

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How The Internet of Things is Innovating Commercial Real Estate

The traditional ways of doing real estate are quickly becoming dated and cumbersome. Change is brewing around the industry and transformation is being driven by several intertwined trends.

Commercial real estate used to thrive off the old slogan “Location, location, location!” But now the focus is less and less on a building’s location and more on what’s actually inside the building.

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Why Mixed-Use Properties Are The Best Real Estate Investments

The last couple years have seen a major resurgence for mixed-use developments. With the urbanization trend back in full force, mixed-use properties are popping up and fueling the fire on a hot real estate market.

Domestic and foreign investors are noticing this trend towards mixed-use developments and placing their bets. Millennial homebuyers are also taking part in the move towards an overall community-centric lifestyle.

With younger generations jumping on board, mixed-use properties are shaping the future of living spaces. Eliminating the need for automobile transportation, mixed-use developments are creating tight-knit neighborhoods where all of life’s necessities are a brisk walk away.

Some everyday investors might be new to the idea of a mixed-use property or confused on what these types of developments can offer. Our discussion focuses on what a mixed-use property is and why it serves as one of the best real estate investments in the market today.

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