Questions to Ask a Real Estate Syndication Sponsor

Syndication is an effective way for real estate investors to combine their financial and intellectual resources and channel those funds into profitable real estate ventures. One of the main reasons investors participate in real estate syndication (crowdfunding) is to gain access to capital flow. Not every investor has the extra time to examine and underwrite thousands of properties to find the one worth pursuing.

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How To Boost Commercial Tenant Retention and Happiness

Commercial real estate investments are major projects and should be run as a business to achieve successful profits. Prosperity of the leased premises depends on the ability to stabilize cash flows and improve the bottom line.

One major factor in commercial real estate investment success is cultivating positive tenant retention and happiness. Maintaining rentable space for financially sound tenants are the fundamental principles for continuous cash flows.

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11 Must-Do Real Estate Investing Due Diligences

Achieving investment success boils down to one primary factor: risk management.

Investors that want long-term profitability from their investment portfolio need to consistently analyze the risk of their investments and make decisions that minimize risk. This requires due diligence and research to gather as much information as possible about the potential investment opportunity.

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