What is an A, B and C Class Investment Property?

If you start immersing yourself with the real estate industry, you quickly hear people talking about A, B, and C class investment properties.

If you’re a potential real estate investor considering a rental property, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between properties classified as Class A, Class B, and Class C? Is this like getting a grade back in high school?”

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Pumping the Brakes on Parking in San Diego Commercial Property

Urban sprawl was driven by convenient modes of transportation and cheaper property values and previous generations have settled themselves nicely in the suburbs. However, the younger generations have a different lifestyle in mind.

The idea of urban walkability is sending a wave of new people that are flooding the city streets. Downtown San Diego is one of the benefactors from the fresh urban trend as residents reinhabit the city.

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How To Boost Commercial Tenant Retention and Happiness

Commercial real estate investments are major projects and should be run as a business to achieve successful profits. Prosperity of the leased premises depends on the ability to stabilize cash flows and improve the bottom line.

One major factor in commercial real estate investment success is cultivating positive tenant retention and happiness. Maintaining rentable space for financially sound tenants are the fundamental principles for continuous cash flows.

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